Praise for Reiki:

“When I went for my first reiki session, I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t positive if it would help or if I would be able to receive the centering that I had been told comes from reiki. From the moment I walked in Tracy made me feel comfortable and I felt like it was ok that I did not really know what was going to come next. While not really knowing what to expect there was an instant peace about me as the session began. I have only been for a few reiki sessions so far but all of them have left me with different feelings, different emotions and different energy levels. What all they had in common was that they all left me feeling more centered, more confident and more in charge of my own outcome in life. The stress I have in my life does not go away with reiki but my ability to cope and manage the stress and worries as well as the everyday things life throws my way sky rockets. Thank you Tracy for being there and sharing this wonderful gift that you have with me.” ~DP

“I started seeing Tracy at a challenging time in my life for reiki. I was already coming to yoga so I knew how calming and centring being around her was already…reiki was very powerful in supporting me and helping me find energy and harmony to take care of myself and the ones who depend on me too. I know that everyone experiences this healing modality slightly differently but it has never failed to give me what I need at the time I need it without me even knowing what I sought. No matter what life gives you this is a wonderful balancing treatment and Tracy allows you space to heal and grow which is an exceptional feeling, I highly recommend it with an open mind and a sense of surrender to a higher energy.” ~ FB

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Praise for Pranassage and yoga classes:

What a lovely afternoon!  It was truly what I needed.  And as I relaxed, I kept thinking of all the other people that I know that should/would benefit from this pranassage.

I have taken Tracy’s yoga class over the last couple years and have LOVED each class that I was present for.  It is always a workout for body and soul. Because I am such a fan of her yoga class, I just had an afternoon session with Tracy for Pranassage and it was amazing!  It was so relaxing and soothing. I felt totally comfortable as Tracy worked with me.  As soon as itended, I knew that I wanted more of this!” ~ MB

“Pranassage is a very unique experience that I highly recommend. It is very gentle but provides a sense of deep stretch and relaxation at the same time.  It is like a supported massage in which you completely relax, let go and just receive. In the beginning I tried to support and assist Tracy, but with her guidance soon learned how to completely let go physically and mentally and appreciate the experience. The sensation of well being and relaxation stayed with me long after the session.” ~ DH

“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving pranassage from Tracy Murdoch on a few occasions (alone, with my husband and with three other women [in a Letting Go Into Bliss session]) and found it to be very relaxing, restorative and soothing.   Her touch is very gentle with the guided poses and each time I was blissed out.  Tracy has great energy which allows you to let go and relax very quickly, trusting in her abilities to guide you through the poses in an atmosphere that is very peaceful, natural and nurturing.  I would highly recommend Tracy for pranassage.” ~ MG

Pranassage is so great and helpful, thanks!” ~ EH

“I would say pranassage and the eventual one on one yoga was a great combination. The pranassage felt like a very correct way to assume postures and stretches than if directed totally by myself, and seemed to help ready me for the one on one yoga to follow. I wish there were more practitioners of the art!” ~ LM

“I truly enjoyed my pranassage experience with Tracy.  Tracy exudes a capable, loving and gentle approach to this healing session. I left feeling at peace and relaxed.” ~ JL

Praise for yoga classes:

“I appreciate the individual attention you give your students.” ~ HP

“I have taken many yoga classes with Tracy and every class has left me feeling wonderfully stretched, as well as, simultaneously relaxed and rejuvenated. I have also experienced her group pranassage which can only be described as ‘delicious’ – I will definitely be booking a personal session.” ~ CM

“Thank you for a lovely class today and for the extra stretch!  Much appreciated.  Had a lot of good feelings about how far I’ve come in my health journey since I had my son while I was in class today.  Thanks for channeling that.” ~ TM