Distance Healing


“The use of Distance Reiki has been extremely valuable in furthering my spiritual journey. By relaxing, you are able to tune into the healing which Tracy sends and can feel where the healing is taking place. By meditating for the time which she turns into your healing, it brings peace and comfort to you in a way regular meditation cannot. In this time of great worry and uneasiness, or even any time at all, Distance Reiki is a wonderful tool to clear your mind and spirit of any unnecessary clutter.” ~EF

Distance Healing is a technique within the system of Reiki that enables you to receive a Reiki session beyond the limitations of time and space. As a Master Reiki Practitioner, I am able to transmit spiritual energy beyond physical touch.

A Reiki offering comes from a place of Oneness, or connection to everything. In this way, I’m not “sending” Reiki; instead I’m connecting as one with the other person and transmitting Reiki in that way.

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

A session is an hour long. Prior to the session, you send me your full name, location, a photo of you and your intention for what you would like support with in this healing (it could be physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual).

You may want to set a sacred space for yourself by lighting a candle, turning on some relaxing music and turning down the lights.

During the session, you relax at home on a comfy chair or on your bed. You can also meditate during this time. Tune into sensations in your physical, emotional and mental body, and allow the Reiki to flow through you. For the last 5- 10 minutes of the session (depending on the length of the session) I will call you on the phone or we can set up a Zoom meeting so we can talk about what came up for you, and what I tuned into.

After booking the time that works for you at the link above, you can purchase one or more sessions, here.