Caterpillar Teachings

I took a walk today, around my rural neighbourhood. As I walked the gravel road, with pasture on my left and forest on my right, I crossed paths with a caterpillar. I stopped and watched him, just a foot or so in front of me, making his way towards the right side of the road. As I watched her, making her way over and around boulders (gravel, to my eyes), I wondered, what drives a caterpillar? He wouldn’t be able to see across the great plain of the gravel desert to the other side, and the grass and plants of the pasture (where she was coming from) were beautifully lush. What would make him leave that land in search of something new? Do caterpillars, like people, think that the grass is always greener somewhere else? 

Photo credit: Tobias Verstappen at Unsplash

Then I expanded my view, and noticed all the bodies of the caterpillars that had risked, and lost, their lives trying to do the same thing, but had presumably been run over by a car and not made it to the other side. Were they looking for something better, or just different? Were they explorers curious about the earth that they lived on and wanting to see as much of it as they could, at any cost?

Then I expanded my view once more, and saw more caterpillars, live ones this time, who were just like the first one who had caught my attention – they were crossing the gravel. Some were going from left to right, some from right to left, and some straight down the middle. I was intrigued by their determination. I observed these caterpillars all within a 10m stretch of the road, and nowhere else. I started walking again. A few seconds later, a car comes flying down the gravel road past me. I couldn’t help but stop, backtrack and go check on my new friends. Most of them were still crossing the road, one wasn’t so lucky.

From the yogic perspective, I thought about how we are all connected – the macrocosm and the microcosm. Macrocosm and microcosm refers to a vision of the cosmos where the part (microcosm) reflects the whole (macrocosm) and vice versa. I felt like a giant being able to see from a birds-eye view this small part of the caterpillars lives. They are an example of beings going about their business, doing the best they can. Just like us. 

From a shamanic perspective, which I study and incorporate into my energy healing work, the caterpillar has a spirit, just as all things (rocks, plants, animals, people, etc.) have a spirit. 

Caterpillar Spirit Medicine says that Caterpillar heralds a time of change. Boy, ain’t that the truth. A lot is changing, and has changed, for so many of us.

And Caterpillar knows that it sometimes feels like the developments and modifications for which we hope take forever in the making. So if you’ve been planning something for this year that you were hoping for, that hasn’t come to fruition, don’t let that dream go. Caterpillar is undauntedly patient. Keep your eyes firmly on the horizon and move onward, toward your dream.

In some cases, Caterpillar crawls into your awareness with good news. A very unexpected surprise is on the horizon. Give thanks and let it warm your heart and soul, giving you improved positive energy.

Thank you for your teachings, Caterpillar.

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